Planning Survey
Survey/Needs Assessment

Before you start shopping for your new kitchen, or even consult a design professional, it is wise to take a needs assessment.  Use these questions to help you determine changes you need to make, based on the way you use, or plan to use, your new kitchen.  Your answers will be a great way to kick off a consultation with a kitchen designer.

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In what ways do you use your kitchen? Daily heat and serve meals? Weekend quantity cooking? Daily full-course meals? Weekend entertaining meals? Social/entertainment space? Homework/family gathering?
How much time is spent in the Kitchen?
How old is your existing kitchen?
What is the budget for your kitchen project?
How much longer do you intend to own your home? (Long-term often warrants additional expenditures)
Is your remodeling focus primarily for resale value or to suit yourself?
What 3 things do you like/dislike most about your present kitchen?
Is there a primary cook? Secondary cook or cooks?
Do the cooks have any physical limitations or special needs?
List the 3 top most important cabinet pieces/needs that SHOULD be in the kitchen remodel design.
List the bottom 3 least important cabinet pieces/needs that SHOULD NOT be in the kichen remodel design.
How would you like your new kitchen to relate to adjacent rooms?

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